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Housing at Haigh Wood Site

Two years ago a planning application for 299 houses was published by Leeds City Council,

Yesterday that housing application was turned down by Leeds City Council Councillors.

West Ardsley Action group would like to thank EVERYONE who has been involved, those who have written objection letters, those who attended meetings, those who asked questions, those who displayed posters, those who were in the leaflet delivery army, those who came out on the site visits and protests and those who came to the council offices yesterday showing their support for the village and the green spaces of West Ardsley.

An incredibly huge thank you to those on the steering committee who spent hours writing technical objections and who found holes in the councils documents.

It has certainly proved that West Ardsley community spirit is alive and well.

Thank you


Welcome To West Ardsley on Line!

Please check back for updates and new events in your area.

This Web page is supported by West Ardsley Action Group and the community.

Change of Speed Limits

Please be aware that the speed limits around West Ardsley has changed today, watch for the signage and don’t get caught out”

Drive Safely

Community meeting Re HaighWoods

Everyone is invited to the Methodist church, 7pm this Thursday (23rd) for a meting regarding the proposed housing development on the Haigh Wood site

Leeds City Council planning panel are meeting to decide the fate of our beautiful green space on 30th January

This is our final push, please do try to attend if you can


Community Christmas Tree

Its begining to look a lot like Christmas….A huge thank you to everyone involved in arranging the pruchase and the placing of our very own community Christmas Tree.

You can see the tree outside Hilltop school, Thank you to Simon Panther from Panather Roofing for the amazing donation of the tree

Massive thanks to Jacqueline Fairburn at the Hare and Hounds for supplying us with a big plant pot , thanks to Karen Mitchell and Donna Haigh for buying us the lights and to  Gill Cowling who has kindly offered to decorate it.

There is also a smaller tree for the village children to place their own decorations if they would like to.

Haighwood Planning

Sadly the campaign to protect our green spaces has hit a snag, Highways have said they have no objections to the proposed 299 houses! 

We are therefore taking up arms and upping the fight so to speak, the battle continues.

We need as much support as possible, please write objections to Leeds City council, please ask your parents, your siblimngs, your children, your friends, their friends- in fact any one you can think of to support us by penning a letter

thank you

Rainbows and Rocks

The river of colour or the rainbow of stones, depending on what you want to call it, is now in place, hopfully for many years to comes.

A huge thank you to EVERYONE involved

Hopefully in 10 years time the children will still stop to look at the stones at Hilltop and smile.

The middle stones are put in place

the colourful end result




Next Years Community meeting dates

The dates have now been set for next years Community meetings, this is a chance for residents to ask questions and put forward ideas for the village, the local police and ward councillors are also invited to each meeting.

We hope that you will be able to make some of the meetings if not all.

The meetings are all on Thursdays starting at 7pm at the community centre (Batley Rd Hilltop carpark)

30th January 2020

30th April 2020

16th July 2020

22nd October 2020 (AGM)

Additional meetings may possile be arranged if there are any urgent village matters.





West Ardsley Action Group AGM

West Ardsley Action Group will be holding their first Annual General Meeting on Thursday 17th October at 7pm, this will take place at the village community centre (Hilltop Sch car park)

The committee for the coming year and lead roles will be elected at this meeting, if you are interested in joining the committee or having more of a role in the village please do let us know and come along to the meeting. Everyone is welcome.

If there is anyone currently on the committee who would like to step down from their role, please can you let Peter Cowling, the current Chairperson know.

Hope to see many of you there.

Coffee Morning Total

 A huge thank you to everyone who supported the recent coffee morning/luncheon at West Ardsley Methodist Church that was held to raise funds for Yorkshire cancer support

A staggering £855.00 was made

The organisers would like to thank everyone for their genorisity


Ebenezer Lunch Club

The Wednesday lunch club restarts tomorrow 4th September, Lunch is served at approx noon

Home cooked dinner and a sweet, along with a cup of tea and a biscuit, doors open at 11.30am


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