Be Safe this Summer at the Reservoir

It has been very warm the last few days and understandably people have wanted to cool off.

Please DO NOT swim in Ardsley Reservoir, it may look calm and still from the surface but the water is cold and there are under currents.Β  Every year young people and adults drown swimming in lakes, reservoirs and rivers during the summer months.

There are strong under currents at the Reservoir

There is plenty of evidence that shows that young people are swimming in the reservoir this week, we have lost count of the number of pants and socks we have found, we have even found some very nice towels! I am sure that some parents must be wondering were all their kids undies are going.

Please watch this video, it is upsetting but it could save a live. Β Β Reservoir safety film – one last breath

The reservoir is also used for drinking water.

Please be safe this summer, have a water fight or eat a lolly instead!


Written by Beth