West Ardsley Action Group

Peter Cowling -WAAG Chairperson

WAAG .  How did it all begin?

Written by Peter Cowling: Chairman.

Back in February. 2017 it became apparent that I was one among a number of West Ardsley residents who had been in communication with local councillors regarding a number of issues in the area.

A number of my fellow residents had been very active and in March 2017 arranged a site meeting at Hill Top School with one of our Ward Councillors, Jack Dunn, to discuss a particular issue. I took the opportunity to meet Jack and raise concerns regarding local traffic issues. I had a brief discussion with Jack; he was very helpful and agreed to meet with our fledgling group to provide his expertise, guidance and help.

A number of like minded residents attended an informal meeting with Jack at the Hare & Hounds to discuss how we should proceed. Jack provided us with very good advice and valuable guidance as to how we could create a local residents group/association, which would be much more effective in lobbying our local council, police and other authorities.

An open residents meeting was held in May 2017 at the Hare and Hounds to engage with the community, discuss and prioritise our concerns and issues. A further open meeting was held at the Hare and Hounds in July 2017. This was very well attended; the idea of forming a local residents association/group, the advantages this would create for council support and funds for the area was endorsed. It was agreed we should proceed accordingly.

Why WAAG? The group adopted this title because this was what we were before we even contemplated forming a Residents Association.  As we began the process of constitution the WAAG was already well known locally and had inculcated a feeling of being more dynamic than a Residents or Community Association. Let’s face it WAAG is a great acronym, we decided to keep it.

As local awareness and support increased, and the process of constituting a residents association began, the need for a meeting venue was raised with councillor Jack Dunn. Jack arranged for the  Community Centre building adjacent to Hill top primary to be made available for the future use of the group.

To give the Action Group legitimacy it was necessary to obtain a mandate from local residents.  A  public meeting was held at the Community Centre on 6th September. A committee was confirmed and a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer elected; WAAG was thus constituted on 6th September 2017.


Some of the WAAG Members in Haigh Wood