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Housing at Haigh Wood Site

Two years ago a planning application for 299 houses was published by Leeds City Council,

Yesterday that housing application was turned down by Leeds City Council Councillors.

West Ardsley Action group would like to thank EVERYONE who has been involved, those who have written objection letters, those who attended meetings, those who asked questions, those who displayed posters, those who were in the leaflet delivery army, those who came out on the site visits and protests and those who came to the council offices yesterday showing their support for the village and the green spaces of West Ardsley.

An incredibly huge thank you to those on the steering committee who spent hours writing technical objections and who found holes in the councils documents.

It has certainly proved that West Ardsley community spirit is alive and well.

Thank you


Campaign Film 1

Haigh Woods, West Ardsley. Photo, courtesy of Tony Smith.

We are proud to announce that our first campaign film – Help Save Haigh Woods (West Ardsley) is now live.

View this from our dedicated page.

Supporting Each Other

As many of you know there have been several housing battles in our area and it makes perfect sense to support each other with this, as a bad end result will effect all of us!

#SaveHaighWood and #SaveChidswell are now supporting each other, we would like you to do the same please.

A meeting was held at the Hare & Hounds on Wednesday 3rd for the West Ardsley & Batley community, this meeting had followed on from one held at the Huntsman pub.

it has been requested that we all write objections postal- chidswell Action Group, 20 Moor Park Lane, Dewsbury WF12 7AX

or by email : consultation@deloitte.co.uk

Meeting at the Huntsman

Meeting at the Hare & Hounds



we need you

West Ardsley in Bloom invites you to help us plant a LOT of daffodil bulbs on Sunday 28th October 2018

If you are able to help even just for a short while that would be great, the group is meeting at the community centre (Hilltop car park) at 10.30am

Thank you to Eddy and Joby at Yorkshire paving and landscaping for offering to dig the Baghill trench- this will be the first thing we focus on on Sunday.

We would love to see you there, dont forget your trowels/spades and some drinking water and some warm clothes!


do you know any one who can help us dig a trench with a little digger, along Batley Road before Sunday morning? the person who offered is now unable to do this but we do have Baghill covered

The Defibrillator is here!

Last night some of the local residents of West Ardsley gathered at the Hare and Hounds public house for the official opening of the new village defibrillator. Cllr Renshaw

Cllr Renshaw thanks Cody for all her hard work

was in attendance and thanked Cody Hartley for all her hard work as she continues to raise funds and awareness for defibrillators in the local area, the next one we have been told is soon to be installed in Thorpe.

A very big thank you to Mick Sykes of MJS electrical who fitted the system free of charge, true community spirit thanks Mick!

Thank you Mick for installing it

And a huge thank you to Jackie from the Hare and hounds for welcoming everyone with drinks and nibbles for the event, not to mention of course all the work she has put in to making sure the defibrillator was acquired and housed.

if its every needed ring 999 and the ambulance service will explain how to access it and use it, there will be some training sessions coming up on the 14th and 15th July 2018, details to follow shortly

Here is hoping that we never have to use it!

Jackie, Camille and Cody



The New Defib is coming!

The Hare and Hound Public house are very pleased to announce that the village defibrillator will soon be installed, and everyone is invited to the grand opening.  Invites are also being sent out to Andrea Jenkins our MP and our local ward councillors.

The community have raised over £2,000 in order to secure the defibrillator and it is a much needed resource for West Ardsley.

The ribbon cutting will take place on Thursday 5th July 7pm at the Hare and Hounds, Batley Road, so please do come and see what the community have achieved together and why there maybe a red phone box involved!


The bins have arrived at the Reservoir!

New bins have arrived at the reservoir and have been placed in strategic positions both for our use and ease of emptying by LCC refuse service.

New rubbish Bin at the kissing gate

There is now an additional bin at the end of the car park, and a further one at the kissing gate entrance to the reservoir.

Turn right towards the “windy side” and you will find 2 new bins opposite Reservoir House and the last new addition is in the corner next to the over spill.

A huge thank you to Yorkshire water and Leeds City Council who have worked together to arrange this.

We do hope that this will be a positive improvement and the bins get used on a daily basis.

It is very disheartening that after recent litter picks and placement of bins that rubbish is still being left on the floor; but now we have 7 bins rather than just 2 we really hope it will make a difference and help keep our local environment in tip top condition.


Mini Litter pick

Mini Litter pick at the Reservoir

Some of the rubbish collected

On Sunday 27th May a few locals gathered in the sunshine at the reservoir to tidy up some of the mess left by others.

5 of us (plus one small person) collected approximately 15 bags of rubbish. This rubbish consisted of a lot of cans, disposable barbeques and far too many full dog poo bags.

It’s so nice to see so many people using the local facilities and walking around our lovely reservoir and it’s a shame that not everyone respects it.

LCC worker marking the pavement

As well as our newly elected councillor Ben Garner,  joining us we also had the support of 2 lovely chaps from the council who helped fill bags and they also sprayed some dog poo signs on the paths. There are now quite a few orange signs around the village, lets hope it deters people from leaving dog muck everywhere.

Cllr Ben Garner litter picking at the Reservoir.

A huge thank you to those who came and it’s nice to meet more people who live near by, the community spirit keeps on growing.

Please watch the events calendar for more tidy up events coming in the next few months. Everyone is very welcome.

Keeping West Ardsley Neat and Tidy

We have kindly been given some litter picking equipment for use in our community, by Leeds City Council, a huge thank you to Robert Finnegan for arranging this.

We have Leeds City Council bin bags, litter grabbers and some very fetching hi-vi vests!

We think it’s important that we take a pride in our community, after all, anti-social behaviour such as littering leads to more anti-social behaviour.

in the very near future we will be arranging community litter picks in various locations around our neighbourhood, including the reservoir which unfortunately has been left in an unpleasant state after the bank holiday weekend.

If you know of any areas that needs particular attention please do let us know, this week we will tackling the track at the bottom of Haighmoor Road which is part of the Leeds Country Way. unfortunately, some dog owners think it is acceptable to bag the poop and then hang those said bags from trees and fences.

Please do let your children and young people know the importance of taking litter home with them or using the nearest bin, as they will grow into adults who respect where they live.

Woodland Walk

Woodland Walk

Andrea Jenkyns supporting her constituants

On Saturday 12th May the sun came out and the people of West Ardsley, joined by Andrea Jenkyns once again showed solidarity against the unstainable development of 299 houses in the fields surrounding Haigh Woods. Taking time to enjoy the beautiful bluebells that grow in the area local residents came out in force to enjoy the sunshine and cakes from a bake sale held in the middle of the woods.

The original deadline for comments and objections, of 16th March 2018 has been extended to July 2018, until the outcome of the site allocation plan (SAP) is known. With this is mind WAAG are still campaigning and urging people who have not yet objected to do so to further strengthen the 2,400 objections that have already been delivered to Leeds city council planning offices.

The bake sale raised an amazing £130 and WAAG would like to say a huge thank you to those who donated and cooked. These monies will go towards campaign posters and literature.

Putting politics aside