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Housing at Haigh Wood Site

Two years ago a planning application for 299 houses was published by Leeds City Council,

Yesterday that housing application was turned down by Leeds City Council Councillors.

West Ardsley Action group would like to thank EVERYONE who has been involved, those who have written objection letters, those who attended meetings, those who asked questions, those who displayed posters, those who were in the leaflet delivery army, those who came out on the site visits and protests and those who came to the council offices yesterday showing their support for the village and the green spaces of West Ardsley.

An incredibly huge thank you to those on the steering committee who spent hours writing technical objections and who found holes in the councils documents.

It has certainly proved that West Ardsley community spirit is alive and well.

Thank you


Full Council meeting 10th July 2019

**A message from WAAG chairman regarding tomorrow’s full council meeting**

Dear Resident
The campaign to save Haigh Wood from the developers is now at a critical juncture.
Following a long period of deliberations and consultations, the Executive Board of Leeds City Council met on 26th June 2019 and have recommended acceptance of the revised Site Allocation Plan (SAP) for land to be made available for housing in the Leeds district, which retains the Haigh Woods sites. Their recommendation, has to be ratified, or otherwise, at a Full Council meeting.
A Full Leeds City Council meeting will meet tomorrow 10th of July. The adoption of the Site Allocation Plan is on the agenda. It will be decided by a vote either to adopt or not in it’s entirety.
The most recent letter from our Ward Councillors dated 24th June 2019, which follows on from their letter of 19th January 2019, indicates their disappointment that the Haigh Wood sites have remained in the SAP. however, they appear to be totally acquiescent. Our ward councillors will have the opportunity to vote on the adoption of the plan and their votes will be critical. It is entirely reasonable to expect our Ward Councillors to “STAND UP AND BE COUNTED” and support the overwhelming opinions of their constituents in voting against the adoption of the SAP.
Although time is short, it is not too late for residents to contact their Ward Councillors via email and express their own views and expectations on how they should vote.
Yours Sincerely
Peter Cowling
Chairman WAAG

Campaign Film 1

Haigh Woods, West Ardsley. Photo, courtesy of Tony Smith.

We are proud to announce that our first campaign film – Help Save Haigh Woods (West Ardsley) is now live.

View this from our dedicated page.

West Ardsley Action Group meeting

We now have a date for the next WAAG meeting, Tuesday 9th October at 7pm in the community centre at Hilltop school –  this will be an upadate of the things that have been going on recently, including haighwoods development, West Ardsley in Bloom and local crime rates etc. The police and our local councillors have been invited to attend.

Please do come along everyone is welcome as always!

West Ardsley In Bloom

We now have a date for our first meeting, please do come along, everyone is welcome! We can make West Ardsley even more beautiful together

Community meeting 19th June 7pm

The next community meeting organised by West Ardsley Action Group, is Tuesday 19th June 7pm at the community centre which you can find in Hilltop School carpark.

The agenda will include road and traffic issues, rubbish, recent reported crime and the ongoing planning objections at HaighWood site. if you have anything you would like to raise please let us know, you can use the contact form from this site or you can contact WAAG via their face book page.

Everyone is welcome-  please bring a bottle of water with you as it may get quite warm in the hall!



Looking down Haigh Moor Road

Beach area at the reservoir

depth markers at the reservoir

Local resident at the unveiling of the defib

LCW from Blind Lane looking towards Holly Court

West Ardsley Community Online!

Today, the West Ardsley Action Group (WAAG!) have taken the bold step of purchasing a domain name for the village of West Ardsley and creating the West Ardsley community website.

We would like these pages to be about our community, for the community, giving you all the information and more at your fingertips. In the coming weeks we will be sharing news, campaigns, recommendations and things to do in our village.

Recently, some of the community have been fighting plans for a housing development in one of our green spaces. The message we have heard time and time again from this is how it feels like everyone is coming together and how it is fantastic to share in a like-minded community once again.

We don’t want this to come to an end, hence our mission to launch WestArdsley.co.uk

WAAG have also been working hard with residents to look at other issues affecting us all – such as bins and yes, dog poo (!), alongside other issues such as poor parking, etc.

WAAG will be featuring additional content to WestArdsley.co.uk on a regular basis in the coming months, so please do visit us often!

Reservoir Litter Picking!

On the 25th February 2018, a group of volunteers, spurred on by a local resident, marched to Ardsley Reservoir to demonstrate against the currently planned 299 housing development in the West Ardsley area. During the event, over 100 more objection letters were signed.

Afterwards the group helped to pick up litter around Ardsley Reservoir! The skip, kindly provided by Leeds City Council was soon filled to the brim with rubbish (amongst normal rubbish items placed in the skip, tyres, children’s toys and animal bones were found) – a great success!

Read the whole article on the Yorkshire Evening Post pages.