Christmas Tree O’ Christmas Tree…

You wait all year for a tree and then 3 turn up at once!
Aswell as a lovely tree at the Methodist Church we now have a village Christmas tree plus a mini one for the kids
A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO Mr Simon Panther and Mr Dave Whitey
You can find the Trees outside of Hilltop School
West Ardsley Action Group now ask some thing of you-
The small tree needs decorating as does the bush at the front ( next to the big tree) and the railings outside the community centre
Please feel free to place a bauble, you can dedicate it to someone you love, some one you miss or β€˜just because’
if you want to write on your bauble to let everyone know why or for who please do or if you wish to stay private you can, there’s no pressure. 😊
Just baubles no tinsel please.
please keep the large tree clear as its already very beautiful
Thanks to Lynda, Camille and Jessica for putting the tree up this afternoon and to our Tree watchers who will keep an eye on it πŸŽ„
Written by Beth