Elected Members

West Ardsley is part of the Ardsley and Robin Hood ward and comes under Leeds City Council, the ward has 3 councillors.

The last election was held on 3rd May 2018, where all 3 councillors were elected due to changes in the ward boundaries.

Due to the boundary changes there will a further election in May 2019, May 2020 and then during May 2022.

Our local polling station in 2018 was the West Ardsley Methodist Church, Haigh Moor Road.

Current Elected Members

Karen Renshaw (Labour)

Karen Renshaw




Ben Garner (Labour)

Ben Garner




Lisa Mulherin (Labour)

Lisa Mulherin




Office Address:

Labour Group Office
Civic Hall

Telephone: 0113 3788 620
Andrea Jenkyns

Local MP

Our local member of parliament is Andrea Jenkyns.

Andrea was first elected as the Conservative Member of Parliament for Morley and Outwood at the 2015 general election, famously defeating Ed Balls.

Andrea will have to defend her seat in 2022 at the next planned general election.