Full Council meeting 10th July 2019

**A message from WAAG chairman regarding tomorrow’s full council meeting**

Dear Resident
The campaign to save Haigh Wood from the developers is now at a critical juncture.
Following a long period of deliberations and consultations, the Executive Board of Leeds City Council met on 26th June 2019 and have recommended acceptance of the revised Site Allocation Plan (SAP) for land to be made available for housing in the Leeds district, which retains the Haigh Woods sites. Their recommendation, has to be ratified, or otherwise, at a Full Council meeting.
A Full Leeds City Council meeting will meet tomorrow 10th of July. The adoption of the Site Allocation Plan is on the agenda. It will be decided by a vote either to adopt or not in it’s entirety.
The most recent letter from our Ward Councillors dated 24th June 2019, which follows on from their letter of 19th January 2019, indicates their disappointment that the Haigh Wood sites have remained in the SAP. however, they appear to be totally acquiescent. Our ward councillors will have the opportunity to vote on the adoption of the plan and their votes will be critical. It is entirely reasonable to expect our Ward Councillors to β€œSTAND UP AND BE COUNTED” and support the overwhelming opinions of their constituents in voting against the adoption of the SAP.
Although time is short, it is not too late for residents to contact their Ward Councillors via email and express their own views and expectations on how they should vote.
Yours Sincerely
Peter Cowling
Chairman WAAG

Written by Beth