Haigh Wood Site – Housing

After a period of quiet there has been a disturbance – many of you will have now received a “consultation leaflet from Redrow, who appear to be the ones tasked with building on the fields at the Haigh woods site.

Some of our local councillors are already addressing concerns raised from local residents about the ridiculous time scales given, receiving the consultation leaflet on the 16th and 18th of July and having the deadline for responses at the 23rd July!

Here is a response from Cllr Mike Foster-

I’m aware of concern from residents relating to the recent consultation leaflet from Redrow Yorkshire, regarding the Haigh Woods development, and that timescales given appeared to be too short for people to respond. I have spoken to ‘Redrow Yorkshire’ and they have replied with the following:
“Redrow understand that there has been a delay of around a week in the consultation leaflets reaching residents. Unfortunately as the leaflets were already drafted and printed these show a deadline of the 23rd July. As this leaflet is not part of the formal application process (and effectively a voluntary consultation prior to the submission), there is no statutory deadline and we will consider any comments received prior to the submission of the application and indeed during the consideration of the application, during which time the Council will also consult neighbours as part of the formal consultation process. We will however ensure that the formal application is not submitted prior to the 30th July to give additional time prior to submission.
The outline planning permission contains a number of conditions and a Section 106 Agreement which include requirements to provide a scheme to enhance, maintain and manage the landscape, recreational and biodiversity value of the central area of land also referred to as Haigh Wood. This scheme will need to be submitted and approval by the Council prior to the commencement of development, the detail of which will be submitted separately or alongside the upcoming reserved matters application – Redrow Yorkshire (yorkshire@redrow.co.uk)”
We know that yes, the houses will be built- but lets have a say in how its going to be done


Written by Beth