Leeds Country Way

Leeds country way (LCW) is a circular walk of 62 miles which takes you through some beautiful areas of Leeds and the surrounding area.

LCW is split into sections and there are information leaflets for each and these quarters are then split into more manageable walks.

You can find the leaflets and further information for the whole of LCW at the Leeds City Council website.

We are lucky enough to have part of the Leeds country way on our doorstep for you to try, with a plethora of wildlife to boot! See below for local directions.


From Woodhouse Lane, East Ardsley, you can travel along Blind Lane and across a field or two, with the reservoir on your right hand side in the distance, cross the bridge over the small beck, don’t forget to look at the tiny water fall, then walk along the right side of a crop field through a tree tunnel. You will then come out on to Haigh Moor Road, turn left and cross the main Batley Road along the tarmac track.

With the solar farm on your left hand side,  when almost at the bottom, turn right over the wooden stile, (although there is also a gap in the fence which is easier!) The next field can be a little boggy, so walk around the side and then again veer left over another stile in to the cow/sheep field.

If you have dogs with you please be aware this field is attached to a working farm (check the Countryside Code for more information).

Stick to the left of the field and you will see a path well-worn by other walkers. There is a then a metal gate, please remember to close it when you are through, then bare right up the hill, but do not go over the concrete bridge through the farm as that will take you back towards Chidswell! Once at the top of this short steep hill you will find yourself on Old Hey Beck lane. please watch for cars here. continue to the end of this unadopted road (past the chickens) and you will come to Hey Beck Lane.

You will need to cross the main road at this point, Turn left here, down the hill on the main road, walk into the dip just past the large Kirkless sign and you will see a further public footpath sign, follow this over a small stone wall and this will take you on to Woodkirk Church.