Dear Councillors

I trust you and your nearest and dearest are all well.

I refer to my previous email of 8th November herewith.  Sent on behalf of West Ardsley Action Group to David Feeney, copied to the above recipients and disseminated to the local community via West Ardsley Web site and email listing.

7 + weeks have elapsed and i have received no reply of any kind in response to this communication. It can only be assumed that LCC  and their Planning Personnel are intent on ignoring our request to be included in the consultation process. Are they working hand in hand with the Developers, as they did during the period between the original refusal by Plans Panel, in effect leading to the subsequent overturning of the original decision.

Is the policy of  LCC to continue to ignore local residents. And, despite our request to participate, in a “ Spirit of Cooperation “ to preclude WAAG from any further involvement in this  process.

It was noted at the original Plans Panel meeting that the community received the support of your good selves to refuse the application.  We are now asking for your support in eliciting a response to our communication herewith.

Thanks & regards

Peter Cowling

Chair , West Ardsley Action Group

Written by WAAG