There have been some concerns raised by residents who live near Hilltop school and school themselves regarding a large group of approx 20 children who have been congregating around hilltop top school car park on evenings and weekends.
Please do not take this as a moaning about children post!
Children need to be able to socialise and play and so they should after the year we’ve all had!
Please can you remind your children that the car park is not a terribly safe place to play football
Bad language can cause distress to some of our residents especially those who may be a little older ( and its not impressing anyone!) 😉
Fences are not goals and damage can be caused which then costs to repair
And of course don’t forget to socially distance! Covid is still very real
There is s community field behind the school which can be used and is much safer away from cars and glass, as long as this area is kept damage free it will be open after 6pm 😊
We are not moaning but trying to find solutions 😊
Written by Beth