* Redrow development at HaighWood site *

Dear West Ardsley Residents,

As you will already be aware the outline planning permission for the Haigh Woods Housing Development was granted during the lockdown of 2020. The disappointment of this decision has been immense for both our community and the WAAG Steering Committee. However, we are not to be deterred!

Where we are now…
Details of the development are still up for discussion and you, as a member of our community, can still have a say. The WAAG Steering committee met with Redrow representatives to discuss community consultation plans. WAAG then invited representatives from Redrow to walk around the area to discuss the existing green space and how the current plans for the new development could affect our community.

Unfortunately, despite WAAG making it clear that our meetings should not be regarded as a substitute for a full public consultation, Redrow have since confirmed that the only form of community consultation to be carried out is the leaflet residents, that they considered to be the most affected, received in July 2021. A revised site plan has been added to the Portal this week (28.02), it is backdated to January, but the revision was made on 14th February. Despite agreeing to consider individual objections for those bordering the site, it is disappointing to see minimal changes.

If you lodged an individual objection, please check to see if these have been considered in the new plans.

What can we still do?
Despite the very limited consultation, our community can still put forward their objections to the detailed plans currently on the Leeds County Council Planning Portal. You can send objections to one or more of the following:

–        On the Leeds City Council Planning Portal https://publicaccess.leeds.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=QYALDSJB0C000

–        By posting a letter to Leeds City Council Planning Services, Merrion House, 110 Merrion Centre, Leeds, LS2 8BB.

–        Sent directly to Redrow, David.faraday@redrow.co.uk or c.peatfield@redrow.co.uk also CC Mark.Jackson2@leeds.gov.uk so that the comments will be transferred to the portal.

–        Address your concerns directly to the councillors on the City Plans Panel https://democracy.leeds.gov.uk/mgCommitteeDetails.aspx?ID=947

Don’t forget to use the planning reference number 21/07156/RM in all correspondence

Why should I bother when the development will go ahead regardless?
It is true that we cannot stop the development, however we can use this opportunity to have our say about what the houses look like for those directly affected. We can try to influence how the development impacts the surrounding woodlands and our precious green space, that was the saviour of so many residents during the recent lockdowns.

We realise that it has been a long and frustrating fight against this development, and with the recent pandemic, that people may have other priorities now. However, this is our last chance to influence the proceedings and salvage something from the devastating loss of green space to our community.

How can we do this?
By focussing on a positive approach and providing possible solutions to the aspects of the development where the community would like to see changes, Redrow cannot deny that the community has tried to engage with positivity. It is up to us as a community to make our voice heard and make the Councillors of the City Plans Panel take notice.

–        As a confirmed piece of precious Ancient Woodland, do you agree that it needs to be managed? Would you like to see changes, or do you think the funds would be better spent elsewhere? Perhaps other facilities in the area that could be improved? Do you want to see more sports and play facilities for the younger members of our community? Would our area benefit from more allotments or community gardens?

–        In the current climate emergency do you think that the houses could be built in a more sustainable manor? Are there improvements or changes that you think could make them more environmentally friendly?

WAAG needs you, our community, to help with this one last stand. With over 3,000 objections to the original application, we owe it to ourselves to try and preserve our lovely community…

Please don’t leave it too late to make your voice heard – help us make a difference!

Thank you

Written by Beth