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Update 17/1/19

A meeting of the WAAG/STEERING COMMITTEE of the SAVE HAIGH WOODS CAMPAIGN was held on Thursday 11th January 2019. to review and discuss the latest developments.

Attached below is an update from our Steering Committee on the current status of the campaign and the  decision making process.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Steering Committee for the sterling work they have already undertaken and continue to do so on our behalf.

 The fight is not over, and is not in vain, whilst the prolonged decision making process continues we will continue our efforts to prevent the unnecessary and unwanted development in the heart of our community.  You can help! If you, or somebody you know, have not already lodged an objection against the planning application, it is not too late.  

For and on behalf of West  Ardsley Action Group

Peter Cowling

(Chairman WAAG)


7/1/19 Update…


January 2019


  • The SAP is not yet finalised. Our site currently remains on the list of land that can be built upon. The fight continues…
  • Even if we remain in the SAP it does not mean that the planning permission will be granted.
  • With nearly 3,000 objections we are in a fantastic position to continue to oppose. (it is still not too late to object!)
  • The final decision on the planning application could technically happen at any time (although we think it may be later this year)
  • Plans are already being made to be able to spring into action once we hear the council are moving to decision making time!

Nearly a year ago the Methodist Church on Haigh Moor Road was packed out with concerned residents who did not want our beautiful land surrounding Haigh Woods to become yet another concrete jungle.

Since that meeting a lot has happened and various residents have been doing a tremendous job fighting to save the land.

So where are we now?

You may remember there are two separate processes affecting the land. The first is the Site Allocation Plan (SAP). The second being the outline planning application.

Both are complicated and quite frankly bureaucratic processes but, very simplistically, the SAP is Leeds City Council’s own plan as to which sites across the city can be built on by developers. Over the last year the SAP has been consulted on, reviewed, inspected etc. Members of the West Ardsley Action Group attended the public hearings and a case has been made to take our land out of the list of sites that can be built on.

At present, our land still remains in the list of sites that can be built on. We are still fighting to change this. The process is now at a stage where there is nothing more that can be done by WAAG. It is likely to be sometime later this year, probably June 19, before the Council finish all their bureaucracy and publish their final plan.

BUT! even if we remain in the list of sites that can be built on in the SAP, that does not mean that the planning permission will be granted.

Outline planning permission was applied for back in December 2017. As yet the council have not made a final decision about it.

There has been amazing support from residents with just short of 3,000 objections being lodged with the council. This is outstanding and as a village we should congratulate ourselves for this outstanding achievement.

A detailed and technical objection has been submitted by WAAG (it runs to over 70 pages). WAAG continually monitor to ensure that if there is any new documentation released by either the council or developers, it is responded to, picking away at their case for building housing and making as difficult as we can for the council to approve the plans.

Currently, the best way to put it is that the planning application is on hold whilst the developers do some further work to try and convince the council it is a viable development.

At the moment it is a waiting game for us. Once we hear that the council are going to be making a decision about the planning application that is when we will all need to spring into action, get the profile raised again and apply political pressure to oppose.

If there are people you know that still haven’t objected, its not too late! Either submit it on the councils on line planning portal or get in touch and we will make sure it gets to the right place.


Thank you for your continued support

West Ardsley Action Group


May 2018

A planning application has been submitted to Leeds City Council for a development of 299 houses to be built on the land surrounding Haigh Wood (known locally as Eggy Woods) and two other sites, one off Haigh Moor Road and one off Westerton Road.

WAAG is strongly opposed to the application which will have a devastating effect on our environment and village. This is a non-sustainable proposal as no infrastructure has been included into the plans.

Save Haigh Woods

Save Haigh Woods