This is an amazing event organised by some lovely ladies in the village who hate to see waste

All Parents and carers are welcome to grab some school uniform for free! yes free uniform-

Uniforms have been collected across the village for several weeks now and there are more coming in, so why dont you come along and save money aswell as preventing this good quality uniform going into landfill

This event is for eveyone as the emphasis is on recycling rather than helping out those who might be struggling- lets face it, school uniform is not cheap. So whether you are on benefits or working, rich or wanting to be rich, come along and grab next years wardrobe for your little darlings

Blackgates- Hilltop- Westerton and Woodkirk uniforms will all be available for you

hope to see you there- Tingley Methodist church hall, Westerton road

3rd August 10am

Written by Beth