Up date on Redrow Housing at Haigh Wood Sites



Following the “refusal of the “call in” request and the issue of the LCC Outline approval notice, it became apparent that a housing development of some form was inevitable.

The site developer was confirmed as Redrow in mid July 2021. The subsequent detailed planning application, was posted on the LCC portal on 27th January 2021.

As there had been no proper attempt at public consultation, when the detailed planning application was posted, WAAG re-iterated their request to engage with the developer, in raising and addressing local concerns about the current plan.

To this effect the Haigh Woods Steering Committee, and associated consulting residents held a meeting at 2pm on 27th September with Redrow representatives at the West Ardsley Community Centre, Batley Road, Hill Top.

Points raised at the meeting:

Public Consultation:

  • WAAG referred to, the Redrow 8 Principles set out in their “Designing a Better Way to Live”. Principle 1 Listen to Learn and Principle 2 Keeping it Local in particular and their key importance at this stage.


  • Going forward, WAAG offered to assist with community consultation so that residents can have a voice. WAAG emphasised that offering to assist in this way cannot be a substitute for a public consultation. It is only fair that residents should be given the opportunity to comment on the development themselves.


  • WAAG have asked Redrow to undertake a more formal public consultation on their proposals; the limited leaflet drop of last July being completely inadequate for this purpose. We await their response.


  • In the context of the above, we have asked Redrow to produce a single plan, which shows the layout of all four parts of the development and the details of the treatment of the open space and of Haigh Wood, so that people can see everything at one go, rather than having to rummage through dozens of separate plans. Other illustrative aids to visually explain the developments to residents should be considered.


Haigh Woods and Green Space:

  • The priority for Haigh Wood should be to preserve its biodiversity as much as possible. The green spaces within the development should be sited so as to be readily accessible to the new residents, and also to discourage inappropriate over-use of Haigh Wood.


  • Redrow will come back with a breakdown of what green space is being provided at the Haigh Wood development. This is not provided at the moment. Residents can only estimate.


  • Having raised concerns about Haigh Wood and the green spaces proposed within the development. Redrow have agreed to have their landscape / ecology consultants walk the site and neighbouring green space areas, along with our expert colleagues, to gain an understanding of the existing site and how they might improve their current plan.


  • WAAG raised the question of whether they had followed relevant Key Policies; Core Strategies and considered LCC specifications on the provision of Green Spaces. WAAG asked for information on how these have been applied. Redrow will review these. They will also consider the design of Green Spaces, which will be inclusive for children with particular needs, such as autism and mobility issues.

Local Housing Needs

  • They will look at their proposed mix of house types, given that they have apparently not yet produced the local housing needs assessment required by the outline planning permission, and relied instead on Leeds-wide figures. Note: It was pointed out that the number of new houses proposed conflicts with Council policies however, without LCC Planners applying their policies, Redrow are unlikely to make significant changes on the number or locations.


  • LCC policy is to apply a 20mph limit to this development. They will consider how best to ensure physically that traffic speeds within the development are minimised.


Public Transport Access

  • They will look again at public transport access, given Arriva’s recent announcement of the withdrawal of service 117 to Leeds, which they were not aware of. The 117 is to be replaced by a re-routing of the 203 via Batley Road and Haigh Moor Road


  • Redrow will also provide clarification about new footpaths and how cycle routes will be provided as part of the design.


Site Traffic Issues:

WAAG Impressed upon Redrow there will be traffic dangers and difficulties around Westerton and Hill Top school start and finish times.  Redrow will try to mitigate problems, starting with their tendering arrangements with contractors. 

Further Clarifications by Redrow:


Confirm their Design and Access Statement is the most updated and what relevant documents are missing from the LCC website.

For further consideration by Redrow:

  • They will look at every existing objection individually with a view to amending their plans so as to resolve as many of these as possible, eg overlooking, overshadowing, boundary treatment, etc.
  • Redrow will consider the boundary strategy for biodiversity benefits for example – plans currently show long sections of fencing instead of tree planting which was proposed at outline stage and also provides screening of the new housing.
  • Redrow will consider the housing mix for example the feasibility of bungalows near sensitive areas (e.g. edges of the development).


Redrow have committed to looking at every communication, which they receive from local residents. In particular if you live on the edge of the development we would urge you to forward your concerns ASAP.

Written by Beth