Woodland Walk

Andrea Jenkyns supporting her constituants

On Saturday 12th May the sun came out and the people of West Ardsley, joined by Andrea Jenkyns once again showed solidarity against the unstainable development of 299 houses in the fields surrounding Haigh Woods. Taking time to enjoy the beautiful bluebells that grow in the area local residents came out in force to enjoy the sunshine and cakes from a bake sale held in the middle of the woods.

The original deadline for comments and objections, of 16th March 2018 has been extended to July 2018, until the outcome of the site allocation plan (SAP) is known. With this is mind WAAG are still campaigning and urging people who have not yet objected to do so to further strengthen the 2,400 objections that have already been delivered to Leeds city council planning offices.

The bake sale raised an amazing £130 and WAAG would like to say a huge thank you to those who donated and cooked. These monies will go towards campaign posters and literature.

Putting politics aside

Written by Beth