This new 20MPH speed limit Order has been issued by Leeds City Council.

We would urge local residents to review the plan of the Hill Top zone and submit their own objections and or representations via the method indicated if they chose to do so.

To make any representations concerning the proposed Order, you should write to Mr J Levine, Development Team, Legal Services, Civic Hall, Leeds LS1 1UR or e-mail legal.development@leeds.gov.uk  specifying the grounds on which your objection or representation is made by no later than 12 noon on 8th April 2019 quoting reference A76/JL/SL031 9 – Hill Top.

WAAG believe the previous order was removed following objections raised by WAAG and others due to the failure to include certain critical sections of road within the scheme, ie. Haighmoor Road and Batley Road.

The new plan has now included the whole of Haigh Moor Road and some increase to the zone length on Batley Road, which is a great improvement however, we are of the opinion that a good case can now be made for a further moderate increase to the zone length on Batley Road.

WAAG intend to forward an objection to this specific effect, we would urge any local resident, who would like to support this to send in an objection or to attend this meeting to obtain information and help/guidance on how to object.

The number of objections/representations will be important in influencing the final plan.

A meeting will be held at the Community Centre on Batley Road Hill Top on. To inform and discuss this new order to specifically target our objections, to the Batley Road plan.

EDIT: the community meeting is to be held on Tuesday 2nd April at 7pm – the community centre, hilltop school Car park

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SL0319 Ardsley & Robin Hood Ward 20MPH Scheme

Written by Beth